Muffler Repair Services

As its name implies, your car’s muffler is responsible for reducing the amount of noise your car creates as you drive, but that’s not its only role. Your muffler is also a major part of maintaining your vehicle’s backpressure, which improves the engine’s performance. If the muffler isn’t working properly, you’ll be able to hear it in the increased noise and see it in the reduction of your engine’s performance.


Common Muffler Problems

The two most common muffler issues are rust and loose parts. Over time, normal wear and tear can result in both of these problems, but harsh winter weather and poor driving habits can actually cause them to escalate much more quickly. 

Keep an eye out for the following issues. Any one of them could mean your muffler needs inspection or repair:

  • Loud engine noises: Your muffler’s primary job is to reduce the amount of sound your vehicle makes. If you hear loud noises when you turn your car on or accelerate, you should get your muffler inspected.
  • Decreased fuel efficiency: One of your muffler’s other roles is controlling how quickly exhaust flows out of your vehicle. When your muffler is damaged, your engine has to work harder to create needed pressure. If you’re stalling out, losing fuel efficiency or having trouble accelerating, it’s time to bring your car in.
  • Condensation in the pipes: Any collection of moisture is a sign that the exhaust system isn’t working as it should. Keep an eye out for condensation.
  • Unusual smells: Exhaust fumes have a distinct burnt smell. This symptom is especially important to watch out for because it could indicate that carbon monoxide is escaping through holes in your muffler. Get it checked out and fixed immediately. Exhaust gases can be fatal if you breathe them in long enough.

By making it a habit to inspect your muffler and listen for any changes while you’re driving, you’ll be able to catch problems early before they become expensive repairs.  

Because your muffler is located on the underside of your car, it is especially susceptible to damage from the elements. Cleveland winters are hard on mufflers and exhaust systems. Snow and ice can build up on your car and encourage rust, and road salt and potholes can damage and erode your muffler.


Why Is My Muffler Important?

Your car’s exhaust system is responsible for moving exhaust gases and harmful emissions created by the internal combustion process away from your vehicle. This keeps your car’s cabin free of dangerous fumes and ensures that your car is running as smoothly as possible. Without a muffler in good working condition, your car becomes bad for your wallet, the environment and your health. It’s more than just an annoyance — it’s a safety issue.


Muffler Repair at Rainbow Muffler & Brake

Rainbow Muffler & Brake is uniquely qualified to machine and fabricate new exhaust pipes or replace segments of your existing exhaust system for a longer-lasting, lower-cost warrantied repair.

Rainbow Muffler & Brake supports the American workforce and has carried an all made-in-the-USA exhaust inventory for over 20 years. We offer complete exhaust work, as well as custom pipe bending. We can fabricate custom exhaust systems — economy, factory-fit and performance — or replace segments of your existing exhaust system, saving you the expense of a full system replacement.

Bring your car into any of the six Rainbow Muffler & Brake locations for expert service and repair today. Our team of technicians will keep you on the road and under budget.

Customers Love Our Service

“Excellent service at a wonderful price! I had my front brakes done, and I was very satisfied with the work, affordable price and service.”

-Joseph, Rainbow Muffler & Brake – Willoughby

“Such a nice, clean place. The manager here is very nice, willing to help in any way he can. Answers all your questions, treats you with respect. And never suggest things that aren’t needed. Comfortable while you wait, and usually you’re in & out.”


-Tika, Rainbow Muffler & Brake – Clark

“I have gone to Rainbow Muffler for a few different issues on my car and each time they have provided me with multiple options for repair. For example, I brought my car in because it was making a sound. They checked it out and suggested I bring it back in a few months because the rotors were starting to go bad but didn’t need to be replaced yet. Plus, they didn’t charge me for checking that out.”

-Laura, Rainbow Muffler & Brake – Clark

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